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Top articles of the month:

Blake news for May included the publication of two new significant works by Palgrave on the artist and poet, as well as the launch of the inaugural Blake Society Tithe Grant.

Articles in Arts and Culture included an update on the work of Philip Davenport, who guest edited an issue of Ekleksographia dedicated to of Blake, the surprising hairstyles of Konstantina Mittas based on Blake’s painting of Enitharmon, articles on the anniversaries of two artists inspired by the Romantic, Paul Nash and Austin Osman Spare, and an excellent article by new Zoamorphosis contributor, Roger Whitson, on Edinburgh-born artist Korshi Dosoo.

May also saw a review of Mei-Ying Sung’s William Blake and the Art of Engraving.

New releases

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Podcasts of the month

New in May 2010:

An analysis of two of Blake’s most popular poems, The Lamb and The Tyger.

Some background to the influential 1996 album by Jah Wobble, The Inspiration of William Blake.

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