Blake in Our Time

Zoamorphosis is proud to make available video recordings of the recent “Blake in Our Time: A Symposium Celebrating the Future of Blake Studies and the Legacy of G.E. Bentley Jr.” held at the University of Toronto on 28 August 2010. “Blake in Our Time” explored the history of Blake studies, as well as its possible futures in manuscript studies, online resources, private collections, forgeries and oddities, variations in Blake’s illuminated manuscripts, modernist cinema, and media studies.

The symposium featured presentations by a group of esteemed Blake scholars including Robert N. Essick, Joseph Viscomi, Mary Lynn Johnson, Angus Whitehead, John E. Grant, Dennis Read, Gary Leonard, Mark Crosby, Keri Davies, and Susanne Sklar. Also featured at the event was a response by Alan Bewell and multimedia performance by Stephen Nachmanovitch.

We would like to thank Dr. Robert Brandeis of the Victoria University Library at the University of Toronto, Professor Karen Mulhallen of Ryerson University, and the rest of the organizers of “Blake in Our Time” for their work in making this symposium possible, recording the presentations and agreeing to have them presented on Zoamorphosis.

All recordings are copyright © Victoria University Library.
Blake in our Time podcasts at Victoria University Library


  • Welcomes and Introductions (video / audio)
    Karen Mulhallen, Ryerson University

Session 1

  • Collecting Blake (video / audio)
    Robert N. Essick, University of California at Riverside
  • Recovering the Earliest Versions of Blake’s Oddest Book (video / audio)
    Joseph Viscomi, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Session 2

  • Blake’s Pictures at ‘The Salterns’ & How Captain Butts Challenged his Sister’s Inheritance (video / audio)
    Mary Lynn Johnson, University of Iowa
  • Blake and George Cumberland’s ‘Pocketbooks’ (video / audio)
    Angus Whitehead, National Institute of Education, Ninyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Respondent to Morning Papers (video / audio)
    Alan Bewell, University of Toronto

Session 3, Chaired by Alexander Gourlay, Rhode Island School of Design

  • Songs for Thomas Butts: Visions of the ‘Title Page,’ ‘Earth’s Answer,’ and ‘The Tyger’
    John E Grant, University of Iowa
  • Disputing the Sins of his Father: Thomas Cromek contra Gilchrist
    Dennis Read, Denison University, Granville Ohio
  • Without Contraries Is no Progression: Did Blake Invent Modernist Cinema?
    Garry Leonard, University of Toronto
    Afternoon panel (video / audio)

Session 4

  • Job Returns: A Music and Multimedia Meditation on Blake’s Illustrations of the Book of Job (video / audio)
    Copyright © 2002, Stephen Nachmanovich, Used by Permission

Session 5, Chaired by Karim Wissa, Duke University

  • Blake’s Seal
    Mark Crosby, Leverhulme early career fellow, Queen’s University, Belfast
  • Brother and Sister Blake: and the Lost Moravian History of William Blake’s Family
    Kari Davies, Independent Scholar, Vice President of the Blake Society
  • The Mouth of a True Orator: Jerusalem’s Opening Instructions
    Susanne Sklar, The Cumnor Fellow, Oxford University
    Final panel (video / audio)


  • Job Returns: A Music & Multimedia Meditation on Blake’s Illustrations on the Book of Job (video / audio)
    Copyright © 2002, Stephen Nachmanovich, Used by Permission
  • The Mouth of a True Orator: Jerusalem’s Opening Instructions (video / audio)
    Susanne Sklar, The Cumnor Fellow, Oxford University

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