The William Blake Jukebox Competition is pleased to announce the first William Blake Jukebox competition. Suggest a track, movie or TV clip that can be included on the site and you could win a selection of 5 Blake-inspired CDs.

The inspiration comes from a recent comment by Maria Jette reminding me of John Tavener’s sublime rendition of Blake’s “The Lamb” which, while knowing very well (and even owning a copy of), had not been included in the Jukebox.

The William Blake Jukebox is a collection of YouTube videos based on Blake’s works in some way, whether adaptations of his poetry, clips from documentaries or films that are inspired by him in some way, or simply groups that use a Blakean title for their name or their songs. You can start using the Jukebox by going to the Blake Jukebox and Disco. Currently it includes the following videos:

Axelrod, David – A Divine Image Axelrod, David – Holy Thursday*
Axelrod, David – The Sick Rose* Babyshambles – Albion
Bloc Party – Ion Square Blake, Tim – The New Jerusalem
Bocka, Joel – Songs of Innocence
and Experience
Blur – Magpie
Bull Durham – William Blake! Bragg, Billy – Jerusalem
Britten, Benjamin – O Rose, Thou Art Sick Burning Bright (film trailer)
Burroughs, William – on Allen Ginsberg and William Blake Coil – Love’s Secret Domain
Cope, Julian – Black Sheep Song Cosmosis – Doors of Perception
de Haan, Jacob – The Book of Urizen Dead Man (film trailer)
Dickinson, Bruce – The Gates of Urizen
Doors, The – Break on Through
Earth – The Dire and Ever Circling Wolves Fall, The – Dog is Life/Jerusalem
Fat Les – Jerusalem 2000 (Pet Shop Boys Mix) Five Iron Frenzy – Every New Day
Fugs, The – How Sweet I Roamed from Field to Field George Bean Group – Jerusalem
Ginsberg, Allen – The Ecchoing Green Ginsberg, Allen – The Nurse’s Song
Ginsberg, Allen – The Tyger Huxley, Aldous – Doors of Perception
Infant Sorrow – We’ve Got to Do Something Last, Jason – Auguries of Innocence
Libertines – The Good Old Days Loneliness of the Long
Distance Runner – Jerusalem
Marcondes, Guillherme – The Tyger Mark Stewart and the Mafia – Jerusalem
Noonan, Tom – on Manhunter Oishi, Masanori – The Garden of Love
Pena, Fernand – Little Boy Lost Raine, Kathleen – On William Blake
Robeson, Paul – Jerusalem Scha Dara Parr – Hima no Sugoshi
Shepherd, Jack – In Lambeth (I-IV)
Smith, Patti – My Blakean Year
Sparklehorse – Mark Linkous interview and London
Talladega Nights – The cut
worm forgives the plough
Tangerine Dream – Tyger Tavener, John – The Lamb
Tavener, John – The Tyger Thelema – The Tyger
Ulver – Plate 3 Ulver – Proverbs of Hell
Ulver – The Argument Unto Ashes – Ah, Sunflower
Van Morrison – You Don’t Pull No
Verve, The – History
William Blake Overdrive – A
Willhelm Scream
William Blakes, The – It Looked Like Us
Westbrook, Mike – Glad Day Westbrook, Mike – The Human Abstract
Wobble, Jah – Interview and
Tyger, Tyger
Recently added: Fernand Péna – Little Boy Found
Esperanza Spalding – Little Fly
Bob Dylan – Visions of Johanna
To be added: Jeff Gillett – The Sick Rose
And Did Those Feet – Mil Hardach Wyt
Aelita – Queen of Mars
Jaka – Earth’s Answer
The Doors – End of the Night
Emerson, Lake and Palmer – Jerusalem
Bruce Dickinson – The Book of Thel
Kansas: Carry on my Wayward Son
Carly Simon: The New Jerusalem
Radiohead: Everything in its Right Place
Soulfire: Jerusalem
Michael Emmanuel: Infant Joy
Michael Emmanuel Koch: Holy Thursday
CocoRosie: God has a Voice
This Ascension: Fearful Symmetry
Mind-Forg’d Manacles

*Currently unavailable in the Jukebox.

How to enter and competition rules

To enter the competition, all you need to do is:

  • Enter a suggested title for the William Blake Jukebox in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Your suggestion can be music, film, television or any other format. It may be an adaptation of Blake’s poetry or a piece of music/video that you like by a Blake-inspired group/producer/director etc. The connection with Blake may be an indirect one, but there must be a connection for it to be included in the Jukebox.
  • The clip must be available on YouTube so that the code can be embedded in a Jukebox entry. The suggested title must not be included in the list above to be considered for the draw though you could include another track by an artist already listed.
  • Include the YouTube URL in your comment. You can find this either in the address toolbar of your browser or by clicking the share button beneath the video and copying the URL there.
  • You do not need to be a registered user of Zoamorphosis to leave a comment, but when you enter a comment you will be asked for an email address. Please ensure that this is a valid email as it will be used to contact the winner of the draw that will take place in December. Your email is NOT displayed on the site and will NEVER be used for any other purpose.

The draw will take place in the week beginning 5 December (so that – hopefully – the prize can be with the winner before Christmas). The winner will be contacted beforehand for mailing details.

A few rules and disclaimers:

  1. The competition is not open to the editors of Zoamorphosis or their relatives (how embarrassing would that be if one of us won?)
  2. You must provide a valid YouTube URL and email address, and the suggested title must not be from the list above (though you can provide a track from an artist already listed).
  3. For each valid comment (i.e. with YouTube URL) you will have an additional entry into the draw (so more comments equals more chances of winning).
  4. The CDs are from my own collection – so I’m afraid they are NOT new.
  5. The prize cannot be substituted for cash – even if Santa does me bring some especially wonderful surprises for Christmas.
  6. I cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas, especially if the winner lives outside the UK, but the winner will be informed shortly after December 5 and the prize will be sent in that week.
  7. This is intended as some seasonal fun, and so I hope that it is taken in that spirit.

To get started, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page in the box under “Leave a Reply”.

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