New titles on Blake for 2010

New books on Blake due out in the first half of 2010.

A new reprint of the two volume edition of Gilchrist’s Life of William Blake will appear as part of the Cambridge Library Collection in April, and another reissue is Bill Gillham’s Blake’s Contrary States: The ‘Songs of Innocence and Experience’ as Dramatic Poems, first published in 1966 but now available in paperback from February. In Contrary States, Gillham argues that the apparent contradictions of Songs of Innocence and of Experience are due to the fallacy of reading them as Blake’s opinions, rather than projections of dramatic states.

One possible oddity released in January of this year is the somewhat bizarrely titled And did Those Feet in Ancient Time: Poetry, William Blake, Hymn, Apocrypha, Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea, Glastonbury, Book of Revelation, Second … Heaven, Industrial Revolution, Old Testament,  by Frederic Miller et al which offers yet another reading of the Glastonbury myth of Christ’s visit to Britain in the light of Blake’s famous lyric from Milton.

More substantial scholarship will be found in Collin Trodd’s Visions of Blake: William Blake in the Art World 1830-1930, which was due for publication in 2009 but has been delayed till later this year. Similarly,  John H. Jones will explore the significance of Blake’s concept of ‘self-annihilation’ as it pertains to language and communication in Blake on Language, Power, and Self-Annihilationto be published by Palgrave in May, and although publication details are not yetforthcoming, Faber and Faber is due to release a selection of Blake’s poems in June with an introduction by the poet and critic James Fenton, who has occasionally written on Blake as in his 2007 essay on Blake and slavery.

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