Forthcoming conferences and events

A number of conferences and symposia dealing with aspects of Blake’s work are to be held over the coming months.

The first of these, a two-day conference on Digital Romanticisms on May 22-23 at the University of Tokyo, is not devoted exclusively to Blake but will include a large contingent of international scholars exploring changes in the definition and rationale of romantic studies that have occurred due to recent technological innovations. While exploring romantic studies generally can accommodate such issues as reproducibility, transfer, ownership, access, and dissemination, several papers are devoted to exploring the impact of such elements as the Blake Archive and the challenges posed by Web 2.0 technologies. For further information, see the HASTAC listing.

St Aldgate’s Church, Oxford will host a two-day conference on Blake, Gender and Sexuality in the Twenty-First Century, on July 15-16. The conference will explore present and future directions opened up since publication of Irene Taylor’s “The Woman Scaly”, exploring how critics have wrestled and struggled with, delighted in and savoured, Blake’s provocative and abundant sexual visions. The event will celebrate and build upon past knowledge as it reaches toward likely concerns of the future. It will also be preceded by a workshop at Tate Britain focussing on the new Blake acquisitions by the gallery.

On August 28, there will be a symposium on Blake In Our Time at Victoria University, part of the University of Toronto. This celebrates the legacy of G. E. Bentley and looks to the future of Blake studies, with We encourage papers exploring new directions and approaches to the study of Blake using manuscript archives, new online resources, forgeries and oddities, Blake’s commercial engravings, and variations in Blake’s illuminated books, as well as studies of the major collections amassed by private scholar-collectors.

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