Zoamorphosis Updates: November 2010

Blake’s Birthday and other news for November:

To mark the anniversary of Blake’s birthday on 28 November, 2010, the Blake Society – itself 25 years old – held celebrations at Tate Britain. Zoamorphosis is updating with extra posts this week, including updates to the site’s first competition inviting suggestions to the William Blake Jukebox. Also new in November was publication of an electronic edition of Blake’s satire, An Island in the Moon, on the William Blake Archive as well as the opening of a display on Blake and Physiognomy, also at Tate Britain.

New reviews and articles.

This month saw three new reviews on the site, of the books William Blake on Self and Soul by Laura Quinney and William Blake and Religion by Magnus Ankarsjö, as well as the Blake and Physiognomy display.

Finally, articles were posted on David Jones, artist, poet and author of the Blake inspired The Anathemata and Aethelred Eldridge, artist and founder of the Church of William Blake.

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