Blakespotting: New Blake Designs from Alexander McQueen
Blake-inspired pieces by the British fashion house, Alexander McQueen, continue to be developed in 2022.

British fashion house Alexander McQueen, now led by inspirational art director Sarah Burton, announced a Blake-inspired collection in July 2021, but have begun the year with some new developments to the range.

According to the company's social media, work was being done in its atelier workshop to produce pieces based on Blake's illustrations to Dante's Divine Comedy.

The Pre-Spring-Summer 2022 collection draws heavily on these illustrations, both for menswear and women's fashion. The connection to Blake's illustrations to Dante in particular were especially relevant  at the launch of the collection as it coincided with the 700th anniversary of the poet's birth. By linking to Blake's striking images, Burton makes strong connections between British and Italian culture, both in the visual and literary worlds as well as in fashion.

You can see more of the collection at Alex McQueen.