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William Blake – Visionary
The Catalogue for the latest Blake exhibition at the J. Paul Getty museum is a beautiful and erudite contribution to Blake's art.
Skellig – 25th Anniversary Illustrated Edition
25 years after its initial publication, this anniversary edition of David Almond's magical tale includes wonderful illustrations by Tom de Freston.
Simon Avery’s Sorrowmouth
A thoughtful and melancholy reflection on the struggles that no one save for loved ones see.
Heaven in a Wild Flower: Nick Drake and Willliam Blake
On the anniversary of his birth, it's worth reflecting on the affinity between Nick Drake and William Blake.
Electronica and Choral Blake, 2022
2022 was a rich year for Blake-inspired music, including tracks from very different genres in the classical and pop worlds.
One King, one God, one Law: Monarchy and Dissent
In the light of protestors being arrested prior to the Coronation of Charles III, what can we learn from one of the United Kingdom's great dissenters?
Global Blake: In Conversation with Ines Tebourski
Ines Tebourski discusses Symmetry/Assymetry in Blake’s Companion Poems.
Blake Bites: The Origins of Religion in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
In The Marriage, Blake provides one of the most original accounts of how religions came into existence through poetry.
Blake Sound Bites: The Tyger – John Tavener and Thelema
This audio-only podcast explores two very different settings of The Tyger by John Tavener and death metal group Thelema.
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