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Blakespotting: William Blake and Spooks

As I have only ever caught one or two episodes of Spooks, this post is just a brief summary of an article on the Spooks Fan Blog. You can read the longer article at

Spooks began in 2002 on the BBC and is due to return for its ninth series in Autumn 2010. Of interest here is the character of Lucas North (played by Richard Armitage) who joined the show in series 7. North is an MI5 agent who had been caught and held in a Russian prison for eight years before being released in a spy exchange.

In prison, North has had his body covered with tattoos, including the words Gnothi Seauton (Know Thyself) across his stomach and Blake's Ancient of Days on his chest. He also decorates his flat with Blake paintings and, according to his ex-wife, is said to be a devotee of Blake because he distrusts systems.

A more detailed reading of North's character, as well as some information on Armitage's interest in Blake, can be found on the Spooks Fan Blog.