From the Collection: Vaughan Williams’s Job a Masque
This year is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ralph Vaughan Williams, among whose works was an important ballet inspired by William Blake's illustrations to the Book of Job.
Blakespotting: Peaky Blinders and William Blake
The latest series of Peaky Blinders is drawing upon William Blake’s vision of England.
Blakespotting: New Blake Designs from Alexander McQueen
Blake-inspired pieces by the British fashion house, Alexander McQueen, continue to be developed in 2022.
From the Collection: Blake and Science Fiction and Fantasy
William Blake has been a significant influence on a number of science fiction and fantasy authors. Here are a few titles from my collection.
A Moving Illustration of William Blake’s Mythology
Lesley Wilber presents an extraordinary visual response to Blake's mythology of the Four Zoas.
Blakean coordinates: an interview with Chris McCabe
In the pre-pandemic days of winter 2019/20, London was alive
Blakespotting: Inside No. 9, Last Night of the Proms
Series 6 of Inside No. 9 has been available for
New River Press presents a new series of Blakean walks
Ghost-conversations with William Blake: an interview with Sophie Herxheimer
Multimedia artist and poet Sophie Herxheimer loves to place herself
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In interviews, Blake seems to come readily to Morrison's lips. He demonstrates a basic acquaintance with famous lines from Songs of Innocence and of Experience and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.
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Like Blake, I have lived in London all my life and therefore feel a deep affinity to some areas that are part of my own lived history.
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For some commentators, it is this engagement with Blake which leads Maud into her deep obsession, but in truth Maud doesn't really understand Blake at all.