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Blake Bites: I Must Create a System
Hannah McAuliffe shows why Blake's "I must Create a System, or be enslav'd by another Mans" is less at odds with Enlightenment system building than is often thought.
Blake Bites: The Origins of Religion in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
In The Marriage, Blake provides one of the most original accounts of how religions came into existence through poetry.
Blake Bites: Swedenborg and the Marriage of Heaven and Hell
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell began life as an anti-Swedenborg tract, but while Blake was scathing about the eminent philosopher, his opinions transformed during his lifetime.
Blake Bites: The poetic form of Holy Thursday (Innocence)
Blake's unusual use of line lengths in his poem ‘Holy Thursday’ has an important effect on our reading of the poem.
Blake Bites: What is meant by human form in ‘The Divine Image’?
Blake’s poetry in Songs of Innocence often appears to use conventional Christian motifs, but these are much more radical than they first appear.
Blake Bites: What are the Dark Satanic Mills?
The phrase “dark Satanic Mills” is usually associated with the industrial revolution, but this short video suggests an alternative source in John Milton’s poetry.
Blake Bites: Why Does Newton Hold a Compass?
Newton is one of Blake's most iconic images. This video short explores why Newton is depicted so idiosyncratically.
Blake Bites: Who Made the Tyger?
William Blake's The Tyger is among the most popular of his poems and asks an important question: who made the tyger? God or the devil?
Blake Bites: Mind-Forg’d Manacles
William Blake's "London" includes one of his most famous lines. This video short explores its meaning.