The William Blake Blog

Global Blake: In Conversation with Ines Tebourski
Ines Tebourski discusses Symmetry/Assymetry in Blake’s Companion Poems.
Global Blake: In Conversation with Mark Lussier
Mark Lussier discusses the interrelation of Blake’s art and visionary physics.
Global Blake: In Conversation with Jodie Marley
Jodie Marley discusses George William Russell and his engagement with the mystic reception of William Blake.
Global Blake: In Conversation with Franca Bellarsi
Franca Bellarsi discusses the emerging sphere of ecocriticism and the Beats, via the work of Allen Ginsberg and William Blake.
Global Blake: Round Table
An open discussion of William Blake's global reception led by the conference organisers and keynote speakers.
Global Blake: Adriano Ercolani
In this wide ranging talk, Adriano Ercolani shows us some of the ways that Blake has been captured in popular culture in recent years.
Global Blake: Suellen Cordovil da Silva
In this presentation Suellen Cordovil da Silva shows some of the ways that Alan Moore's From Hell draws upon Blake.
Global Blake: David Smith
David Smith explores some of the ways in which Blake's multimodal prophecies align twentieth-century Japanese manga.
Global Blake: Elizabeth Effinger
Elizabeth Effinger probes the fleshy folds that link the bodies of William Blake and contemporary American photographer, Joel-Peter Witkin.
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