Global Blake: Eugenie Freed
Helen Martins' Owl House in Nieu Bethesda has become one of the leading examples of "Outsider Art". In this presentation, Eugenie Freed explores its links to William Blake's art.
Global Blake: Silvia Riccardi
Silvia Riccardi explores the links between William Blake and Stile Liberty, With its name inspired after the London shop Liberty’s, the Italian counterpart of the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain.
Global Blake: Caroline Anjali Ritchie
Caroline Anjali Ritchie presents parts of her research which have included interviews with a range of small press publishers operating in the spirit of William Blake,
Global Blake: Steve Clark
Blake's Asia is one of the most under-discussed of his prophetic works. In this presentation, Steve Clark reads it as a satire on the nabobs of the East India Company.
Global Blake: Masashi Suzuki
In this presentation, Masashi Suzuki discusses the translations of Emanuel Swedenborg by D. T. Suzuki.
Global Blake: Mei-Ying Sung
Mei-Ying Sung discusses the contrasts between Orc and a similar mythological & religious character Nezha in Chinese and Taiwanese culture.
Global Blake: Harriet Stubbs
Harriet Stubbs in conversation with Jason Whittaker and Sibylle Erle regarding her album, Heaven and Hell: Doors of Perception.
Global Blake: Eliza Borkowska
Eliza Borkowska outlines a new project to translate the works of William Blake into Polish, and looks at previous translations made of his poetry.
Global Blake: Tanja Bakic
Tanja Bakic examines the ways in which deliberate choices in translation show how interpretive communities can react to Blake's poetry.
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In interviews, Blake seems to come readily to Morrison's lips. He demonstrates a basic acquaintance with famous lines from Songs of Innocence and of Experience and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.
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Like Blake, I have lived in London all my life and therefore feel a deep affinity to some areas that are part of my own lived history.
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For some commentators, it is this engagement with Blake which leads Maud into her deep obsession, but in truth Maud doesn't really understand Blake at all.