Jacob de Haan’s “The Book of Urizen”
Jacob de Haan, a Dutch composer, produced a marvellous piece
Cannibalising Blake
Following on from my last post, William Blake and Film,
William Blake and film
Blake's strong perceptions as a visual artist have long been
Zoapod 3: The Secret Domain – Coil and Blake
Zoamorphosis Podcast 3: The Secret Domain - Coil and Blake
Zoapod 3: The Secret Domain – Coil and Blake (Transcript)
Transcript of Zoamorphosis podcast. To listen to the full podcast
The Last of England: Jarman’s Blakean vision
Another rather sombre anniversary today: Derek Jarman, artist, writer and
The Joy of Revolution
While preparing some materials for a talk on the Situationists
Blake’s Margins
Blake's Margins: An Interpretative Study of the Annotations. Hazard Adams.
The affectionate sceptic: Angela Carter and Blake
When I was a girl, I thought that everything Blake


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In interviews, Blake seems to come readily to Morrison's lips. He demonstrates a basic acquaintance with famous lines from Songs of Innocence and of Experience and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.
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Like Blake, I have lived in London all my life and therefore feel a deep affinity to some areas that are part of my own lived history.
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For some commentators, it is this engagement with Blake which leads Maud into her deep obsession, but in truth Maud doesn't really understand Blake at all.