Available podcasts:

Zoapod 18: To Spring.
Zoapod 17: Jerusalem, Parry and the Suffragettes.
Zoapod 16: The Ancient Poets from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Zoapod 15: The Devil’s Party – Blake’s Marriage and Milton’s Paradise Lost
Zoapod 14: Blake’s Poems – The Garden of Love and The Sick Rose
Zoapod 13: Jah Wobble Presents The Inspiration of William Blake
Zoapod 12: Blake’s Poems – The Lamb and The Tyger
Zoapod 11: The Fall – Jerusalem
Zoapod 10: His Dark Materials – Blake and Pullman
Zoapod 9: Blake’s Poems – Holy Thursday
Zoapod 8: Blake’s Poems – London
Zoapod 7: Dreams Unlimited – J. G. Ballard and Blake
Zoapod 6: Mark Stewart and the Mafia – Blake’s Jerusalem
Zoapod 5: Blake’s Poems – The Divine Image
Zoapod 4: Tiger Caged
Zoapod 3: The Secret Domain – Coil and Blake
Zoapod 2: Tavener, Thelema and the Tyger
Zoapod 1: Test Dept and Jerusalem