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Skellig – 25th Anniversary Illustrated Edition
25 years after its initial publication, this anniversary edition of David Almond's magical tale includes wonderful illustrations by Tom de Freston.
Simon Avery’s Sorrowmouth
A thoughtful and melancholy reflection on the struggles that no one save for loved ones see.
A Blakean Year: 2021 in Review
A review of Blakespotting for 2021.
From the Collection: Blake and Science Fiction and Fantasy
William Blake has been a significant influence on a number of science fiction and fantasy authors. Here are a few titles from my collection.
Review: William Blake and the Myth of America
Blake’s influence on American writers and artists has been profound throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries as Linda Freedman demonstrates.
Review: Naomi Billingsley – The Visionary Art of William Blake
While Blake’s visual art tends to be studied less than his poetry, this book by Naomi Billingsley provides valuable insights into his religious art.
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: U Chicago, 2011
Michael Phillips's beautiful and professionally-bound University of Chicago edition of
James Rovira – Blake and Kierkegaard: Creation and Anxiety
Blake and Kierkegaard: Creation and Anxiety. James Rovira. Continuum, 2010.