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Electronica and Choral Blake, 2022
2022 was a rich year for Blake-inspired music, including tracks from very different genres in the classical and pop worlds.
Blake Bites: The poetic form of Holy Thursday (Innocence)
Blake's unusual use of line lengths in his poem ‘Holy Thursday’ has an important effect on our reading of the poem.
Blake Bites: What is meant by human form in ‘The Divine Image’?
Blake’s poetry in Songs of Innocence often appears to use conventional Christian motifs, but these are much more radical than they first appear.
‘Can I see anothers woe,/ And not be in sorrow too’: Sentimentalism of Blake and Dickens
Though Dickens has been accused of being pejoratively “sentimental,” (Kaplan
Jeff Gillett’s Songs
My attention has just been brought to Jeff Gillett's setting
Fernand Péna’s Ode to William Blake
This month sees the release of a two-year project by
Blake Set to Music: John Sykes
The music critic Andrew Porter said of the Songs of