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Global Blake: In Conversation with Ines Tebourski
Ines Tebourski discusses Symmetry/Assymetry in Blake’s Companion Poems.
Global Blake: In Conversation with Mark Lussier
Mark Lussier discusses the interrelation of Blake’s art and visionary physics.
Global Blake: In Conversation with Jodie Marley
Jodie Marley discusses George William Russell and his engagement with the mystic reception of William Blake.
Global Blake: In Conversation with Franca Bellarsi
Franca Bellarsi discusses the emerging sphere of ecocriticism and the Beats, via the work of Allen Ginsberg and William Blake.
A Blakean Year: 2022
As we emerged out of lockdowns in 2022, so the year turned out to be an active one for Blake in the arts.
Infant Joy: The early life of William Blake
William Blake was born on this day in Soho, London in 1757. This excerpt from Divine Images gives an account of his early life.
From the Collection: Vaughan Williams’s Job a Masque
This year is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ralph Vaughan Williams, among whose works was an important ballet inspired by William Blake's illustrations to the Book of Job.
Review: Lucy Cogan – Blake and the Failure of Prophecy
A review of Lucy Cogan's study of how Blake's perceptions of prophecy changed during his long career.
Blakespotting: New Blake Designs from Alexander McQueen
Blake-inspired pieces by the British fashion house, Alexander McQueen, continue to be developed in 2022.
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