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VALA, The Journal of the Blake Society

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VALA is a free online publication that celebrates William Blake’s art and legacy in exciting new ways. While the content of VALA is academically informed, this journal is not peer-reviewed but thoroughly edited and the result of many conversations between its contributors and its editorial team. VALA is committed to academic rigour and driven by the creative impulse to produce something that makes Blake relevant to the now and the everyday – in a magazine style. 

VALA includes articles that showcase art and artists influenced by Blake; it spotlights particular works by Blake, examines politics, arts, literature, religions, music & the environment and shares responses to art, life and teaching inspired by Blake.

What does the name VALA mean?

Vala is the name of Blake’s great unpublished work. Vala is also a character in Blake’s mythology.  She is restless and difficult to pinpoint and gets almost immediately pushed into the background of Blake’s story about the fall and resurrection of Albion. Hence, Vala is referred to as the shadowy female and is a liminal, dark but potentially alluring force to be reckoned with. She represents what is fallen about ‘man’. She is also a stand-in for Nature in Blake’s complicated world of symbols and carefully layered and only gradually emerging mechanisms of meaning.

Our intent is to publish each new issue on the anniversary of Blake’s birth: 28 November. The launch will be partied at Blake’s Night.

Editorial Team
Sibylle Erle (Editor)
John Riordan (Art Director)
Jason Whittaker (Managing Editor)

Read VALA on the Blake Society website by clicking the link below.

VALA, The Journal of the Blake Society