Zoavision is a channel dedicated to videos about William Blake. At present, it comprises a series of short clips - Blake Bites - which answer specific questions about particular Blake poems or pieces of art

Blake Bites

Blake Bites: The poetic form of Holy Thursday (Innocence)
Blake's unusual use of line lengths in his poem ‘Holy Thursday’ has an important effect on our reading of the poem.
Blake Bites: What is meant by human form in ‘The Divine Image’?
Blake’s poetry in Songs of Innocence often appears to use conventional Christian motifs, but these are much more radical than they first appear.
Blake Bites: What are the Dark Satanic Mills?
The phrase “dark Satanic Mills” is usually associated with the industrial revolution, but this short video suggests an alternative source in John Milton’s poetry.
Blake Bites: Why Does Newton Hold a Compass?
Newton is one of Blake's most iconic images. This video short explores why Newton is depicted so idiosyncratically.
Blake Bites: Who Made the Tyger?
William Blake's The Tyger is among the most popular of his poems and asks an important question: who made the tyger? God or the devil?
Blake Bites: Mind-Forg’d Manacles
William Blake's "London" includes one of his most famous lines. This video short explores its meaning.
Blake Bites: The Ancient of Days
The Ancient of Days is Blake's most iconic image - but who is actually depicted in his colour print?

Global Blake

Global Blake: Linda Freedman
Linda Freedman presents on Blake, Robert Duncan and the Politics of Writing from Myth at the Global Blake Conference
Global Blake: Stephen F. Eisenman
Stephen F. Eisenman presents a wide-ranging discussion of Blake's attitudes to slavery and abolitionism.
Global Blake: Mike Goode
Mike Goode's presentation from the Global Blake conference considers the role that fragmented texts take on in a world of information exchange.
Global Blake: David Worrall
David Worrall explores how neuroscience may help us understand Blake’s visions as ectoptic experiences.
Global Blake: Alexander Abichou
Alexander Abichou considers ways in which the mysticism of Ibn Arabi may illuminate our understanding of William Blake.
Global Blake: Jodie Marley
Jodie Marley considers how the Yeatses made use of Blake’s mysticism in A Vision.
Global Blake: Clare Broome Saunders
Clare Broome Saunders explores the ways in which Blake influenced Phoebe Anna Traquair’s illustrations to Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese,
Global Blake: Colin Trodd
This paper notes how commentators used notions of citizenship and hospitality to understand Blake during the period 1910-1930.
Global Blake: Ramazan Saral
Ramazan Saral considers some of the additional challenges to translating Blake's Christian symbolism and literary references into Turkish.