The William Blake Blog

Zoavision is a channel dedicated to videos about William Blake. It is divided into four sections: Visionary - a regular podcast about Blake’s work and reception; Blake Bites - short videos that discuss a particular poem or theme from Blake's art; Blake Sound Bites - short audio-only podcasts; and Global Blake - a series of talks about particular aspects of William Blake's work and reception taken from the Global Blake series of talks and conferences.

You can see all the Zoavision productions at <<Zoavision Media>>.

Visionary Podcast

Visionary: How William Blake Changed the World is a regular podcast offering in-depth analysis of Blake’s work and its reception.

Blake Bites

Blake Bites are short videos (usually between 2-5 minutes in length) that take a particular poem or theme of Blake's work and provide straightforward illustrations of how Blake's art and poetry can be understood.

Blake Sound Bites

Blake Sound Bites are short audio-only podcasts (usually between 2-10 minutes in length) that explore aspects of Blake's art, poetry and reception. Some of these recordings were originally made for the Zoamorphosis site in 2010.

Global Blake

Global Blake brings together academics and practitioners from around the world to discuss their interest in William Blake. These are recordings from the original Global Blake conference in 2022, as well as the In Conversation series that runs regularly throughout the year.