Skellig – 25th Anniversary Illustrated Edition
25 years after its initial publication, this anniversary edition of David Almond's magical tale includes wonderful illustrations by Tom de Freston.
Simon Avery’s Sorrowmouth
A thoughtful and melancholy reflection on the struggles that no one save for loved ones see.
Auguries of Innocence? Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead
Based on the novel by Olga Tokarczuk, Kathryn Hunter is astonishing in the lead role of Janina but some other aspects of Complicité's production jar.
“And all must love the human form”: Empire, London, and Islam in S.F. Said’s Tyger
While long influenced by William Blake, S.F. Said’s latest novel is his most Blakean yet.
Jez Butterworth’s Sons of Albion
Jez Butterworth's play, Jerusalem, has returned to London a decade after the original performance. This review explores how much the play owes to William Blake.
Review: Fake Blakes
A new digital exhibition at The William Blake Archive shows us just how hard it can be to tell real from fake Blakes.
Review: Lucy Cogan – Blake and the Failure of Prophecy
A review of Lucy Cogan's study of how Blake's perceptions of prophecy changed during his long career.
William Blake’s Printed Paintings: Review
1795 was an incredible year of innovation for William Blake, not least for the series that has become known as the large colour prints. Joseph Viscomi traces the genesis of this remarkable series.
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